Tax consultancy and audit

doradztwo podatkowe i audyt
We offer permanent tax care – we provide tax advice on all legal and tax obligations in force in Poland. We also provide auditing services – thorough analysis of the company’s documentation and financial condition.

The most convenient and comprehensive service is permanent tax consultancy, known as “tax duty”. As part of it, we offer permanent tax care, consisting in tax advice on all legal and tax obligations in force in Poland. Its main advantage is the provision of the service at a flexible time for the client, i.e. also during hours and days outside of formal working hours.


  • providing ongoing consultations, explanations and information about the obligations arising from the provisions of tax law related to the client’s activity, in the scope of all taxes operating in Poland (also as a payer or collector of tax receivables);
  • analysis of documents (contracts, invoices, accounting notes, etc.) and other materials presented by the client in terms of related tax consequences and risks;
  • participation in meetings and internal meetings of the Client on matters that may affect the Client’s tax settlements;
  • preparation of short written notes and information regarding tax problems arising during the on-call duty (at the client’s request);
  • preparation of information on significant tax problems that are the subject of analyzes or explanations during the performance of the tax obligation (provided in an e-mail version after each collection) as part of cooperation, informing the client about significant changes in tax law and about emerging “trends” in tax inspections.
  • as part of cooperation, conducting all tax matters of the client – representing the client before tax administration authorities (offices, tax chambers, ZUS, UKS), as part of tax proceedings conducted by these authorities and representing the client before courts. Preparing the client to submit explanations to the tax authorities in pending proceedings.