Employee Capital Plans (PPK) support

doradztwo podatkowe i audyt
PPK is a universal and voluntary savings system for retirement purposes. It is organized by every employer employing at least one person who is obligatorily covered by retirement and disability pension insurance.

It is the employer’s obligation to open, in cooperation with a selected financial institution, an individual PPK account for the employee. It will be financed from monthly contributions, representing the employee’s private and hereditary capital. The funds accumulated on the PPK accounts are invested in funds that adjust the risk level to the age of the PPK participant (the so-called Defined Date Funds).

Establishing a PPK is aimed at systematic accumulation by the participant of the program of savings intended for payment after the participant turns 60, as well as for other purposes specified in the Act.


  • employee register and employee record;
  • verification of eligibility for PPK;
  • accepting and processing employees’ declarations about their participation in the PPK;
  • register of declared percentage of membership fees in PPK;
  • register of employees’ performances and joining the PPK;
  • calculation and recording of monthly contributions;
  • generating applications, unregistering and updating data files for financial institutions;
  • generating files about payments to PPK for financial institutions;
  • sending xml / csv files via the n-PPK portal;
  • generating files for HR and payroll systems;
  • reporting of employees’ decisions – resignation, change in the amount of payments, joining or resuming;
  • calculating possible corrections;
  • changes to personal and contact details.

The pricing of services is individual.

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