Legal services

We focus on verification of regulations and strategic consulting in both legal and business matters. We indicate optimal development directions and support companies in crisis situations.


  • preparation or modification of draft contracts, general terms and conditions or internal regulations, as well as any matters related to contracts or other legal activities undertaken in the ordinary course of business, and general support and advice on all aspects of compliance and corporate governance;
  • Advice and support in legal matters relating to information rights and / or intellectual property rights, in particular data protection law, data security law, restrictions on the use and trade of data;
  • employee matters, including employment contracts and the internal work policy of the Polish Company, management contracts, non-competition agreements and actions taken by the employer towards employees;
  • use of goods or services or financing provided by external sellers (including matters relating to real estate), e.g. giving opinions on submitted draft contracts or actions taken in connection with their conclusion, performance or termination or preparation of draft contract documentation and participation in negotiations with current or potential business partners of the Polish Company;
  • tax issues are conducted (from legal persons, natural persons, VAT, civil law, tax structures, etc.) regarding the tasks of the Law Firm (joint and subcontracting performed by a permanently associated tax consulting company with which the Law Firm cooperates);
  • pursuing financial claims against contractors or clients or determining the scope of financial liability before initiating court proceedings (pre-litigation advice), including advice and support in the field of claims and debt recovery;
  • claims of contractors or clients in connection with their business activity or any of the company’s assets before the initiation of court proceedings (pre-court advice);
  • interpretation or general rules of application of the applicable Polish law, including in particular civil law and procedure, economic law, administrative law and labor law, with particular emphasis on the provisions related to the Company’s operations and specific legal requirements regarding its operations.