Accounting services

usługi księgowe
We provide accounting for companies operating as sole proprietorships, civil partnerships, general partnerships, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies.

Depending on the needs of our clients, we offer accounting services in the following areas:

– Accounting / trading books

– Tax Book of Income and Expenses,

– Lump sum



  • keeping accounting records (synthetic and analytical) of the Ordering Party in the form of accounting books consisting of a journal, general ledger accounts and subsidiary ledgers as well as a statement of turnover and balances of the general ledger accounts and subsidiary ledgers;
  • recording economic events in the accounting books based on the source documents provided by the Ordering Party that are correct in terms of form and content;
  • keeping registers, records and VAT declarations, including VAT register in the SAF-T format and preparation of the necessary printouts;
  • keeping a register of fixed assets and calculating depreciation;
  • keeping records of settlements;
  • records in the Ordering Party’s books of cash and bank operations, timely and correct calculation of due taxes (CIT, PIT, VAT) and preparation for signing tax declarations and declarations by the Ordering Party;
  • timely submission of tax returns and returns to the tax authority competent for the client;
  • storing books of accounts and documents related to their keeping for the period of a given accounting year in a way that prevents access to them by third parties;
  • representation and representation on behalf of the Principal before tax and control authorities in ordinary matters related to the Company’s accounting;
  • providing the Employer with information and advice on the scope of the Company’s operations resulting from the Company’s ordinary activities, including consultations with the Contractor’s accountant, in accordance with the Employer’s requirements and the Contractor’s capabilities transferring the payment / receivables to the Principal to the Tax Office, preparation of documents regarding the confirmation of the balances of the Company’s contractors;
  • preparation and sending the necessary declarations to the Statistical Office;
  • sending a list of missing invoices and other documents based on posted bank statements;
  • preparation of financial statements – a service additionally payable in the amount of the invoice issued in December of the previous year;
  • provision of additional services not covered by the offer in accordance with the Price List for additional services – additionally payable.