HR and payroll services

usługi kadrowe i płac
HR and payroll services at Warszawa mean access to the knowledge and experience of specialists. Thanks to us, companies do not incur increased maintenance costs of specialized departments. We provide efficient handling of employee documentation and a wide range of services.


  • creating a database of employees;
  • calculating and sending remuneration along with additional benefits, in accordance with the applicable provisions of contracts, work and remuneration regulations;
  • transferring payments of ZUS and PFRON receivables calculated by the Contractor in the form of a direct written or electronic transfer;
  • preparation of payrolls;
  • calculation of net salary for each employee;
  • calculation and collection of compulsory social and health insurance contributions for each employee. Preparation and sending to ZUS the relevant monthly declarations (DRA, RCA, RSA, RZA) regarding employee contributions, in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • calculating and collecting income tax advances and preparing tax documents (PIT-4R, PIT-8R);
  • preparation of pay slips, annual information and tax returns for employees (RMUA, PIT-11, PIT-40)
  • comprehensive keeping of personnel documentation (personal files) of employees in accordance with the provisions of labor law;
  • registration of newly hired employees with ZUS and making changes to the data of employees or changes in the employment relationship, as well as deregistration related to the termination of the employment relationship (ZUS, ZUA, ZIUA, ZWUA, etc.);
  • settlement of used vacation days and other breaks in the performance of work, including occasional, parental, sick leave and other leaves, in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code issuing employment certificates;
  • settlement of employees’ working time;
  • monitoring health and safety training;
  • checking the validity of medical examinations;
  • handling bailiff activities.